The Washington Post Slams Senate Democrats with Three Pinocchios for “Sky is Falling” Claim on Title II

Today, The Washington Post released their assessment of a tweet from the Senate Democrats’ official Twitter account regarding “net neutrality.” The tweet claimed the FCC’s rollback of Title II’s public utility regulation of Internet service providers (ISPs), spearheaded by Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, would result in a massive slowdown of Internet speeds.

The Washington Post slammed this claim with a “Three Pinocchios” designation, stating the tweet was based on “scant evidence” and “conveys [a] false impression.” FreedomWorks Director of Policy Patrick Hedger commented:

“FreedomWorks has been saying this all along. The Internet changed the world under the bipartisan, ‘hands-off’ regulatory structure put in place in 1996. Its speed has increased by orders of magnitude, and it has grown to be affordable and accessible to almost everyone. There is no reason to suggest that going back to 2014 rules will ruin the Internet.

“This analysis confirms the entire ‘net neutrality’ debate is really about the Democrats’ desire to centrally plan the Internet. Progressives won’t be satisfied until our entire economy is run like the Post Office, DMV, Amtrak, and We cannot afford to have the most dynamic part of our economy, the Internet, move at the slow speed of big government.”

Grassroots conservatives made nearly 40,000 public comments in support of the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order using FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center.

Using its Activist Modernization Plan, FreedomWorks held its Feb. 26 Digital Day of Action. Activists drove over 750,000 actions urging members of Congress to oppose the Democrat’s attempt to revive Title II regulation through the Congressional Review Act.

For more on this issue, read Patrick Hedger’s op-ed published last week in the Washington Examiner.