We Want to Get to Yes on ObamaCare Repeal and Replace

Today FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon met with President Donald Trump after meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. He was joined by other principals of leading conservative groups. Brandon made the following statement:

“President Trump tweeted that House Republican leadership’s health care bill was ‘out for review and negotiation.’ We had a constructive conversation. The president and we agree that we should repeal and replace ObamaCare. There are aspects of the bill we like, such as the expansion of health savings accounts and repeal of most of ObamaCare’s taxes.

“We shared our concerns with the bill, including the refundable tax credit, continued enrollment under Medicaid expansion, the likelihood of a ‘doc fix’ scenario of Medicaid expansion as it winds down in 2020, the continuous coverage language, and remaining regulations in the bill.

“The concerns that have been raised by Sen. Paul, Sen. Lee, and members of the House Freedom Caucus are real, and we believe that we can negotiate on these provisions, address them in a substantive way, and get to ‘yes’ on this bill and throw ObamaCare into the dustbin of history.
“This is the beginning of the process to repeal and replace ObamaCare and move to competitive free-market, patient-centered health care.”