What is Washington Doing to Your Medicare?

Like a lot of things these days, health care for the elderly and disabled is getting more complicated. This booklet explains the basics of Medicare, the problems now facing Medicare and ways to fix the program. Although this easy-to-read guide won’t answer all your questions about Medicare, it will help health care consumers and taxpayers understand the consequences of government-run solutions versus the benefits of a consumer-based Medicare system.

Medicare is going bankrupt, and politicians propose very different solutions. Some, like President Clinton, want to give seniors more of the same: more government, more bureaucratic decision-making, more taxes, and more premiums for retirees to pay. Others want to let seniors decide what they need and use Medicare to pay for these needs. Unless you let Washington know that you want to be in charge of your own health care, you could end up paying more for a plan that does not meet your needs.

What is Washington Doing to Your Medicare?

(PDF format, 18 pp. 759 Kb)

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