When It Comes to 5G, Beating China Shouldn’t Mean Becoming China

In response to the recent report by Axios regarding rumored Trump administration plans to nationalize the 5G wireless network as a counter to China’s capabilities, FreedomWorks is strongly opposed to nationalization of ANY industry, let alone one so integral to the future of America’s economy. FreedomWorks stands in firm agreement with the statement offered by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai opposing any plans to nationalize the 5G market.

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon issued the following statement:

“We share the Trump administration’s belief that America must do more to lead and capitalize on the 5G revolution, but the best way government can help is by getting out of the way. The idea that the federal government, mired by waste and fraud in nearly all of its ventures from the Obamacare exchanges to the F-35 fighter, is better suited than competing private-sector telecoms to build a functional and affordable 5G network with anything resembling haste is laughable. Nationalizing any part of the 5G market would be a massive regression in what we agree is an area where America must catch and surpass the capabilities of China.

“In addition to concerns about inefficiency, the idea of granting government singular control of the 5G network should be setting off alarms for all Americans concerned with privacy. Considering the recent reauthorization of FISA’s Section 702, it’s clear that our nation’s national security establishment already has plenty of tools to breach the Fourth Amendment—we shouldn’t hand them this bazooka.

“The reason it is so important for America to lead the way versus China is because, unlike the communist government in Beijing, Americans cherish economic and personal freedoms. We’re not beating the Chinese if we sacrifice what makes our government so different from theirs.