Where in the World is Thad Cochran Spending YOUR Tax Dollars?

Cochran visited 42 countries on the taxpayer’s dime to travel around the world

Washington, DC- Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran has traveled to 42 countries during his tenure, according to an investigative report released on Breitbart.com. While Cochran claims to represent the people of Mississippi, he opted against visiting his home state to travel the world on the taxpayer’s dime instead.

“It is astonishing that Washington insiders are so out of touch with their constituents. The people of Mississippi deserve to know why it was so important for Thad Cochran to travel to 42 countries over the past 12 years on their tax dollars. When did he have time for Mississippi?” commented FreedomWorks for America National Political Director Russ Walker. “I would be interested to know how these trips were useful, considering his positions on the Agriculture, Rules, and Appropriations committees.”


“Conservative Mississippi Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel understands what it means to be a true fiscal conservative and won’t waste our money on frivolous trips to France and Thailand. He’s in this to represent his constituents, not to take lavish vacations,” Walker added.

FreedomWorks for America is organizing sign-blitzing, phone banking and neighborhood canvassing efforts across the state leading up to the primary. Over 20,000 yard signs and 60,000 door hangers have been distributed to support Chris McDaniel. Tens of thousands of phone calls have been made to targeted primary voters across the state to-date.

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