While Congress is in Recess, FreedomWorks Activists Win in States

There might not be anything happening in the U.S. House and Senate during their two-week recess, but grassroots activists are scoring wins at the state level.

In just the last week, two bills FreedomWorks activists supported crossed the finish line, another bill is moving to the governor’s desk, and one is advancing in the state legislature to the Senate:

  • Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed the civil asset forfeiture legislation into law (9,100+ activist contacts with elected officials),
  • Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed a criminal justice reform bill into law (4,000+ activist contacts with elected officials),
  • Iowa’s House and Senate passed “right to try” legislation, and that will now head to Gov. Terry Branstad’s desk, and
  • The Missouri Senate passed term limits legislation, and that will go to the House (5,000+ activist contacts).

“These groups of activists,” president Adam Brandon said, “are amazing. They are fighting at every level of government. They are engaged in legislative efforts to lower taxes; reduce burdensome regulations; and encourage free markets, the rule of law, term limits, and freedom.“

“Our activists don’t stop,” said Noah Wall, FreedomWorks national director of campaigns. “They are responsible for these victories. This year has been a strong year for FreedomWorks as we work with activists locally and allied organizations around the nation to deliver conservative wins at the state level.”