Will Mike Easley Raise Taxes?

The suspense is over!–Governor Easley’s Loophole Committee has spoken and the question is whether Mike Easley will raise taxes on hardworking North Carolinians has been answered. Here are the facts!

Loophole closure #1

Tax live entertainment, satellite TV, and movies–TAX INCREASE!

Loophole closure #2

Tax all phone calls in the state including interstate calls–TAX INCREASE!

Loophole closure #3

Take away the tax credit for parents who buy health insurance for their children–TAX INCREASE!

Loophole closure #4

Tax fertilizers and seeds for non-farmers–TAX INCREASE!

Loophole closure #5

Increased taxes on some businesses that will be passed on to consumers–TAX INCREASE!

So, will the Governor make one of his first actions in office to raise taxes or not? We will be watching!