Profiles in Education: Peyton and Eric, a Homeschool Family of Six

Peyton and Eric never thought they would be homeschool parents. Having both been educated in traditional public schools, Peyton had some common misconceptions about homeschooling. In fact, she says she never entertained the idea of homeschooling because “I didn’t want my kids to be dumb.”

That all changed in 2006, when she met some homeschool families and noticed the difference in the behavior, likeability, and maturity of the children.

However, Peyton and Eric still weren’t convinced that homeschooling was for them, and went ahead and registered their first born for a traditional pre-K the following year. At that point, her mother’s intuition kicked in when, as she said “I felt so wrong about it, she was so young.” She started thinking that she could at least give schooling at home a try, and then start her daughter in kindergarten the next year. What she didn’t realize was that her husband was having the same thoughts.

Not sure exactly what they were undertaking, they made an agreement; If the children were learning, they we would keep going. That was seven years ago. 

They also agreed that Biblical instruction was important.  The freedom to teach their children the values and beliefs by which they live their lives was a key factor in their decision to continue.  They believe they are strengthening their family while also protecting them from the judgement of their peers.

“There will be plenty of time for the world to bully them,” Peyton said, but “by then – they will be older and stronger because their houses will be built on Rock.”

With their daily activities and outings, they are being immersed in the world as a part of learning, instead of as an afterthought. By taking trips to the local hospital, nursing homes, and doing mission work, they are truly learning about this world and being a part of it- not just reading about it.  They are making memories as a family and building knowledge that will last far longer than answers memorized for a test. 

Another important factor to the family is the ability to tailor curriculum to the learning styles of their children, as well as to the speed that best works for each of them. Peyton and Eric have four children. Their daughters are ages 10, 9, and 4, and their son is not quite 2 years old. Homeschooling also means that these four children are building tight bonds, as they spend their days together.

“My 2 school aged children are actually helping their 4 year old sister learn how to read! That’s a lesson that goes far beyond what a brick building would or could offer them.”

Peyton was surprised by how many curriculum options are available now and how many other homeschool families are out there. Homeschooling continues to grow in popularity, giving parents many more options than what was available just a few years ago.

The kids like it, too! Their 9 year-old daughter says of homeschooling,

“It’s fun! We get to sit on couches instead of in desks.”

Every year, the kids continue to choose homeschooling “they want to continue and not go to the brick building.”


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