Project Veritas’ Latest Investigation Explores How Hollywood Responds to Their Own Arguments

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released their latest investigation today. Utilizing the most common anti-second amendment argument of the left, “for the children,” Project Veritas investigators confronted Piers Morgan, TriBeCa Enterprises employees and Oprah’s production company, Harpo films.  Posing as a non-profit group called “Act Against Arms,” investigators asked Hollywood to sign a pledge to remove all guns from films, past and present.

The results were, well… just take a look:

Of course Project Veritas is not advocating for the removal of guns from films, merely using the premise as a means to expose the effect of the “for the children” card. In one encounter, a TriBeCa Film employee is reluctant to sign the pledge to remove guns from movies, but as soon as the investigator mentions that he’s asking for support because his daughter was killed, the employee immediately signs the petition. It’s an interesting look into how the left uses emotional arguments to manipulate the discussion.

Even more surprising was Piers Morgan’s lack of enthusiasm for Act Against Arm’s cause.  Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, Morgan has used his CNN show to advocate for liberty restrictive policies.  You’d think given the opportunity to sign a petition to prevent gun violence thus saving the lives of innocent children, he’d leap at the chance, alas… 

James O’Keefe is known for his ability to flip leftist arguments inside out, exposing them as shallow and manipulative. Additionally, his investigative work has resulted in legislative action in numerous states. And he’s just getting started.