Protect Citizen Journalists

Citizen journalists are under attack by Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, and other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The dynamic duo of progressivism has attached an amendment to Senate Bill 987, which would give the Department of Justice power to determine who qualifies for protection as a journalist under the First Amendment. Currently, bloggers cannot be compelled to reveal their sources or turn over materials that they have used in their investigations. The proposed Schumer-Graham Amendment would empower the federal government to unilaterally decide who is and who is not a journalist. If granted this power, federal officials could suspend First Amendment protection by changing the definition of “journalists” to fit their agenda.

Many Washington insiders and public officials are terrified of the new media community’s unprecedented ability to hold their feet to the fire. From “Fast and Furious” to the Syria debacle, and yes, even down to the health care debate, they now realize it is no longer safe inside the friendly confines of the New York Times and that we, as citizen journalists, will hold them accountable.

A paystub from a major network should not be a determining factor in how we, as a nation, define journalism. I believe bloggers, social media activists, and every citizen with a voice, should be afforded the same protections as the talking heads on cable news. Sign this petition  to protect the First Amendment and show Congress that you oppose their efforts to confine citizen journalists and silence the truth.