Rand’s Stand is Why We Fight

I was bursting with pride yesterday as I watched our champions of liberty filibuster on the Senate floor. It’s unimaginable that in America such measures have to be taken to ensure that American citizens won’t be blown up at their local cafe because an unelected bureaucrat decided they might be a terrorist, but it is the country we live in currently. I was tweeting with my head held high, supporting Rand Paul all the way. I drove home from work feeling rejuvenated, basking in the hope of liberty’s preservation emanating from Rand Paul’s filibuster. However my elation was short lived.  In my excitement, I had forgotten that as Paul was filibustering tyranny in the Senate, the House of Representatives was in the process of voting for it.

Yesterday, in what is now unfortunately predictable behavior, House Republicans refused to take a stand against Obamacare. House leadership pushed through yet another continuing resolution, and yet again failed to cut a single penny from Obamacare. Furthermore, House leadership scoffed at a proposed amendment by Congressman Louis Gohmert which would prevent tax dollars from being used to facilitate President Obama’s golf outings.

Yesterday was a great day, a disheartening day, and a motivating day all wrapped up in one. On one side of the Capitol stood Rand Paul, literally standing up to tyrannical rule by executive fiat. On the other side sat John Boehner and company, pushing through legislation to fund the government takeover of health care and one sixth of our economy. It was a beautiful day for liberty in the Senate, a gloomy day for freedom in the House, and a watershed moment for the movement.

We witnessed some of the fruits of our labor yesterday. Grassroots activists fought tooth and nail to get Senators Paul, Lee, Cruz and Rubio elected. Last night is what we have been fighting for; representatives who will fearlessly draw a line in the sand and stand up to this Administration. These were the men that were told they couldn’t win, they were told by the establishment to wait their turn.  But last night, Rand, Ted, Mike and Marco took their place as the new leaders of the GOP.  They stood together united around the Constitution and a set of principles, not party ideology.  They were standing for us, and for our children’s future. The sweat, blood, and tears of activists across the nation were rewarded for all to see yesterday. Rand’s stand is what we have been fighting for, Rand’s stand was empowered by activists and Rand’s stand is why we must never give up our pursuit for candidates who embrace liberty and freedom.

Who’s with me? 

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