RedState Weighs in on South Carolina School Choice Fight

As FreedomWorks continues to wage its massive school choice campaign in South Carolina another national organization has taken note of the importance of this battle.  Conservative blog RedState wrote the following article targeting Rep. Jenny Horne, who is primary opposition to the bill in the house.  Rep. Horne has gone out of her way stating she would prevent a vote on H.4894 the primary bill FreedomWorks and our activists have been fighting for months. 

The importance of school choice legislation passing in South Carolina is drawing national attention because for far too long students have been trapped in failing schools.  Thank you to RedState for showing the true face of conservatism and supporting this much needed reform.

Please take a few moments and call Rep. Jenny Horne and demand she vote yes on H.4894. (843) 412 8420 or (803) 212-6871