Regardless of What Clinton Says, President Obama Will Not Let You Keep Your Plan

Referring to the nearly five million Americans who have already lost their health insurance as a result of Obamacare, former President Bill Clinton suggested that “even if it takes a change in the law, the President should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let ’em keep what they got.”

Later that day at a White House press briefing, an NBC reporter asked “if some people are allowed to stay on their old plans and other people are forced to get on the Obamacare system because they did not have any coverage, then the whole system collapses, basically there is no way to balance both. Does the White House acknowledge that there is no way to make both of those work?”

In response, White House spokesman Jay Carney agreed stating that “any fix that would essentially open up for insurers the ability to sell new plans that did not meet standards would create more problems than it fixed because it would essentially allow insurers to… charge prices that undercut prices of other plans that kept to the basic coverage.”

Therein lies the crux of the issue. A free market system where insurers compete to “undercut the prices of other plans” and you decide what coverage best suits your personal needs and budget, is a “problem” in President Obama’s view. President Obama is worried that his plan will not fare well competing alongside private insurance offered outside the restrictions imposed by the Affordable Care Act unless Obamacare is subsidized. That is why President Obama has resisted calls from nervous Democrats including the senior senator from California to delay the imposition of the individual mandate.

President Obama never intended to allow you to keep your health insurance whether you liked it or not.

Ironically, neither did Hillary Clinton.

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