Regulatory Action Center Review – November 11, 2020

After a brief hiatus for election week, we’re back with this week’s Regulatory Action Center (RAC) Review! RAC proudly keeps you up to date on what we’re up to and what we’re keeping our eyes on here in the swamp. We offer resources for you to get involved in the rulemaking process to hold unelected bureaucrats accountable and occasionally offer praise in the event they have a good impulse. We will also highlight the incredible work our activists have done to advance the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty, and the rule of law. For more ways to get involved and stay informed, check the links at the bottom of this post.

RACtivists by the Numbers

FreedomWorks Foundation’s RACtivists submitted 14,343 comments to the Department of Health and Human Services on their proposal to create an international pricing index for pharmaceuticals.


Four Things to Know

1) Trump Appointee of the Week: Amy Coney Barrett

On Monday, October 26, Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court by a 52-48 vote, where she became the fifth woman to ever hold a seat on the nation’s highest court. Now that she has had her first sitting as a Supreme Court Justice, we are proud to name Justice Barrett as our Trump Appointee of the Week. We further applaud President Trump and Majority Leader McConnell for delivering this confirmation of another principled constitutionalist Justice for the American people.

More resources on this:

Watch our own CL Bryant discuss Justice Barrett’s nomination: HERE

Read FreedomWorks Key Vote on Justice Barrett’s nomination: HERE

2) Price Controls on Big Pharma Will Put the U.S. Last

In a new op-ed published in RealClearMarkets, the Chairman of FreedomWorks’ Task Force on Economic Revival, Steve Moore, opened fire on the proposed international pricing index for pharmaceuticals. “The goal of the proposal is sound,” Moore wrote. “The problem is that these price controls in other countries haven’t worked out well for anyone…There are free market solutions the administration can, and should, pursue to lower drug prices, such as using trade deals to force other nations to pay their fair share for new drug development costs.”

More resources on this:

Read more on price controls: HERE and HERE

3) Biden’s National Clean Electricity Standard is a Disaster for Renewable Energy

A Biden administration means disaster for the energy industry. In short, Biden’s plan to eliminate all emissions from American energy producers entails implementing a national clean energy standard. This standard, presumptively based on one of the similar state level policy, would neither efficiently reduce emissions or reduce costs to consumers, as Biden claims. Just as bad, clean energy standards have actually hampered the transition to renewable energy, a transition that the market is already making of its own accord. Simply put, top down mandates are not an effective way to implement the Biden energy agenda.

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Read the study from the University of Chicago: HERE

4) Issue Brief: Overcriminalization in America

In one of FreedomWorks’ latest issue briefs, we take a deep dive into the issue of overcriminalization in America. Every year, throughout the United States, thousands of citizens are being abused by a growingly authoritarian federal government. The sheer volume of federal statutes and regulations that carry criminal penalties means that every American could be considered a criminal by federal authorities for one thing or another. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to consider the issue of overcriminalization until they are at the receiving end of a federal subpoena. In order to combat this epidemic of overcriminalization, legislators, bureaucrats, and other decision makers must recognize the scope of this issue and begin by plucking the lowest hanging fruit to address it.

More resources on this:

Download the full issue brief: HERE

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