#ReopenAmerica: Myth vs. Fact

As states begin to reopen across America, starting with Georgia and Texas, there are many rumors out there that it is unsafe to do so. Quite to the contrary. Equip yourself to push back with some myth vs. fact:

Myth: If states reopen their economies, all business will resume as normal and people will flock in crowds back to concerts, crowded bars, and sporting events.

  • Fact: Businesses will use common sense discretion to run their businesses safely, as failure to do so dictates failure in the market, which businesses cannot afford after being forcibly closed for such a long period of time already.

Myth: Executives have unlimited power to suspend the Constitution indefinitely.

  • Fact: The federal government and state governments alike are constrained by the Constitution, which mandates protection of rights, many of which are being unconstitutionally suspended by executives acting unilaterally across the country.

Myth: There’s nothing we can do about COVID-19 except to shelter in place.

  • Fact: There are many risk mitigating strategies already in use among essential corporations and businesses that, if extended to nonessential businesses, would greatly reduce the risk of spread while allowing economic activity to resume.

Myth: Protesting is not an essential activity.

  • Fact: Despite what the Raleigh police say, protesting is one of the most essential, protected rights we have in our nation. It allows us to express grievances with our government, which is at this time very necessary to show that America will not stand for governments forcibly mandating a “cure” worse than the disease.

Myth: Protesting to #ReopenAmerica is unsafe.

  • Fact: No matter where they are in the country, protestors can and should remain safe by following smart social distancing guidelines, wearing protective masks and gloves, and encouraging others to do the same.

Myth: #ReopenAmerica is only about the economy and jobs. What we need to protect right now is public health.

  • Fact: These are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, they are closer to one and the same. The health of our economy largely dictates the health of our citizenry. Destroying the economy destroys public health and costs real lives.

Myth: The government should spend more money so we don’t have to rush to #ReopenAmerica.

  • Fact: No amount of government spending taxpayer dollars could hope to make up for what the economy has lost. Every person pushed onto government dependence by government is one person further from actual recovery.

Myth: The federal government can spend its way out of this crisis.

  • Fact: We are experiencing an unprecedented supply shock to our economy. No amount of stimulus packages can fix this. The only solution is to get the economy going again.

Myth: The government should use technology to track its citizenry to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 stops and should prosecute those who don’t abide by established rules.

  • Fact: “Contact-tracing” could potentially be useful to identify where the disease is spreading but must be voluntary, anonymized, and used for scientific purposes, not for social control.

Myth: We should let government suspend our rights and liberties to protect us from coronavirus.

  • Fact: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

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