#ReopenAmerica Rally Planning Guide

#ReOpenAmerica Rally Planning Guide

FreedomWorks Activists,

In the past two months, our country took unprecedented steps to fight the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve
done our part to flatten the curve – and now the government needs to get out of the way.

State and local governments must begin to reopen their states’ economies to allow business owners, who
operate on thin profit margins, to put the pieces back together and begin the economic recovery.

We know many of you are already participating in or planning rallies calling on your Governors to allow
businesses in your state to reopen, but this isn’t just about the economy. It’s about our freedom. Both go
hand-in-hand, so if our economy dies, our freedom goes with it and we are here to help.

Below we outline some quick, actionable things you can do to help make these rallies an even bigger
success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if we can be of further help.

Precautions and Safety
*Maintain proper social distancing*
*Wear a protective face mask*
*Follow hygiene and disinfection practices*

● Rally at Your State Capitol/Governor’s Mansion
● In-person rallies to show support for reopening businesses
● Bring Pink Slips / Eviction Notices to leave at the Governor’s door
● Include religious leaders, nurses, healthcare workers, etc as much as possible

Rolling Rally
● These are smaller rallies, contained to your car
● Gather your local groups and friends to drive around with signs to show support

● Use nonpolitical messages – this isn’t a left/right issue
● Keep it short: “I’m essential,” “Let me work,” “Let Me Feed My Family”
● Keep them homemade

Social Media Coverage


●Make sure to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
● Live stream from the rally
● Use the hashtag #ReopenAmerica
● See FreedomWorks AMP handbook for further best practices

[Activists around the country are organizing events in support of reopening society. Click here to see some of the events we’ve been made aware of.](http://www.freedomworks.org/content/reopen-america-events-around-country?sid=1078319)

Download Rally Signs

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](https://fw-d7-freedomworks-org.s3.amazonaws.com/RA-Navy.pdf)

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](http://fw-d7-freedomworks-org.s3.amazonaws.com/RA-Orange.pdf)

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](http://fw-d7-freedomworks-org.s3.amazonaws.com/RA-Pink.pdf)

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD](http://fw-d7-freedomworks-org.s3.amazonaws.com/RA-Red.pdf)