Rep. Mike Pence Praises Role of Blogs in Limiting Government

Today U.S. Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.) spoke as a guest speaker at The Heritage Foundation. Rep. Pence began his talk by expressing his passion for blogs. He mentioned that blogs, in his opinion, are an exciting way to communicate ideas. This passionate discussion of blogs soon spiraled into a passionate discussion of revitalizing conservatism in American politics.  It was this discussion that left me feeling motivated and optimistic about the near future of America.

Pence believes that everyone who is on board with less government spending, lower taxes and more freedom is part of a “conservative transformation.” The time for defying constitutional principles is soon to be over. He speculates that good things are yet to come for Americans who favor laissez faire economics. He attributes this optimism to the collective efforts of Americans who are not only frustrated, but determined to restore constitutional limits on government. Pence stated:

Seeing the American people rise up has caused me to be encouraged.

Pence believes that Americans now have the opportunity to “make history” and “reverse the historic losses” of the past few years. We aren’t just seeking to reform government to benefit our generation, but also for generations to come.

Although constitutional ideals have been severely abandoned in recent years, Pence is confident that conservatives can help bring “transparency, accountability, and good government” back into American politics. Pence concluded by expressing his appreciation for the many Americans who are continuously working to suppress the reckless big government agenda of those who currently control Washington.