Replacing Obamacare – Dean Clancy at BlogCon

On April 21, 2012, FreedomWorks’ health care VP Dean Clancy updated bloggers at BlogCon CLT in Charlotte, NC, on the Tea Party’s fight to replace ObamaCare with a patient-centered health care system.

In a talk titled “Health Care: How We Win,” Clancy described the battle as being waged on four fronts: 1) the court of public opinion; 2) the Supreme Court; 3) Congress; and 4) the states; and he optimistically predicted, “We are going to win this thing!”

Clancy concluded by offering bloggers a handy list of health policy experts to interview and consult as the health care battle heats up.

P.S. On April 27th, Dean asked me to add a quick clarification. In the talk, he describes the conservative Heritage Foundation as being in favor of a policy called “auto-enrollment,” as a fallback to ObamaCare’s infamous health care mandate. Dean is critical of that idea, viewing it as unnecessary and, under current conditions, imprudent. A friend has since told him that Heritage may not in fact formally embrace auto-enrollment. So he’s now seeking clarification on this point. I’ll update this post as soon as we have more info.

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