Report Card: Grading the Budget Plans

FreedomWorks has compiled a handy one-page report card on the competing 10-year budget plans: 

President Obama gets a grade of “F minus,” for turning in extremely poor homework loaded up with budget gimmicks and tax hikes. Congressional Democrats get an “Incomplete” for failure to pass a budget for more than two years now, and for showing no sign of ever planning to propose one.  (They’re playing hookey while Uncle Sam piles a mountain of debt on our children.) 

The House-passed Ryan plan gets a respectable “B.”  (We wanted to give him a higher grade, given the high quality of his workmanship, but alas! his plan doesn’t balance the budget within 10 years.) Grades of “A minus” go to the very good Toomey and RSC budget plans.

The highest grade — an “A” — goes to Sen. Rand Paul for proposing a bold, principled budget that balances in just 5 years and eliminates 4 Cabinet departments (HUD, Commerce, Energy, and Education).  (He would have gotten an “A plus” and the title of Valedictorian had he used a less rosy economic growth rate assumption.)  

Click here for a more detailed, printable version:

Report Card: Grading the 10-Year Budget Plans (pdf)

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Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks’s Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy.

Budget Report Card graphic by Patrick Hedger, FreedomWorks Intern