Return of the Helping Sick Americans Now Act (New and Improved Version)

Today House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) announced that the Helping Sick Americans Now Act (H.R.1549), which was rejected by the House in late April, will be amended as a result of the controversy and brought back to the House floor later this month.

The new version totally eliminates the ObamaCare Prevention and Public Health Fund (a $5 billion slush fund, currently being tapped for a $500 million ObamaCare enrollment campaign and which also funds lots of local health-care pork projects), and shifts some of the money to state high-risk pools. The earlier version shifted money from the slush fund to a federally run high-risk pool program created by ObamaCare. As an appropriation, the new funding stream to the states would not be an entitlement. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this legislation would save $8.5 billion over ten years.

FreedomWorks support the amended version. It’s even better than the original, which we also supported.

This is the first bill the House will have considered that goes beyond “repeal” to show what ObamaCare opponents are for.


Support the Helping Sick Americans Now Act (4/18/2013)

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