Rev. C.L. Bryant Brings Empower Message to SC

Rev. C.L. Bryant came to Sticky Fingers in Summerville, SC and took the town by storm. For those of you who were not able to attend the presentation by C.L. Bryant last night at the meeting of the Lowcountry Conservatives in Action in Summerville, you missed an absolute treat!! Rev. C.L. Bryant certainly had the fire in his belly last night and he ignited that same fire in ours! He spoke of leadership, liberty, and America. He told us about the Presidential candidates and that "We will not settle this time."

Some of his comments were directed to a strong group of black conservatives who attended. One individual, a long time Democrat, who was a little skeptical when asked to attend, said he agreed with just about everything Rev. Bryant said. He was surprised at the pleasantness of the people there and now understood that TEA Party stood for "Taxed Enough Already." This was a far cry from the evil, racist description he had been given by the media. He left with a huge smile on his face and plans to come back.

Rev. Bryant introduced a young black Charleston Southern University student and accomplished artist, Christopher Johnson (CJ), that he met that day at the Black America-Solutions for Our Future panel discussion. CJ brought a few of his painting to share with the group and presented one to Rev. Bryant as a gift.

All in all it was a fantastic night of fellowship. Rev. Bryant brings that spark needed to re-ignite our passion for liberty. He has assured us that he will be returning to do more for our community and it’s people. We need his passion and we need his message of empowerment.

Check out the photos from Rev. Bryant’s South Carolina tour in the photo gallery above.