This continuing resolution (CR) would temporarily fund the federal government through February 18th, 2022 due to Congress’ inability to pass the required appropriations bills on time. A vote in favor of this CR is a vote to continue decades of congressional ineptitude and a vote in support of unlawful and invasive vaccine mandates.

This CR continues to kick the can down the road on the congressional appropriations process and highlights just how dysfunctional Congress is when it comes to funding the government.

Congress is asleep at the wheel. Instead of doing their job and fulfilling their primary responsibility of passing a federal budget, Congressional Democrats are seeking to kick the can down the road yet again. Amid reconciliation, fiscal conservatives should be appalled by Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer’s audacity with this legislation.

It has been a quarter of a century since Congress did its job and passed a complete budget through the statutory process before the end of the fiscal year. The past 25 years have seen five presidential administrations and numerous flips in Congressional control, yet the result is always the same. Seemingly incapable of meeting a deadline, Congress continually uses budgetary gimmicks like this Continuing Resolution to absolve themselves of their constitutional responsibility.

Worse still, supporting the continued funding for unlawful vaccine mandates for millions of Americans is inexcusable by Congress. Regardless of whether or not the judiciary puts an end to President Biden’s gross executive overreach and invasive vaccine mandates, there is absolutely no reason why lawmakers should vote to fund its enforcement.

The continued practice of governance by CR merely sets up another showdown that will push Congress into enacting yet another massive last-second spending binge. Congress will continue spending at near-record deficit levels and shirking their constitutional responsibilities.