School Choice In Virginia Coming Closer To Reality

For the last several months, FreedomWorks has been part of a broad coalition dedicated to improving educational choice in Virginia. Over the last month, FreedomWorks activists in Virginia have made over 125 calls to targeted state legislators to strongly encourage support for HB 2238.

The legislation passed the house today 57-42. The bill applies to special needs students only, but it’s clear the dam is breaking for educational choice in Virginia. We will continue working with families across Virginia to achieve educational choice for all students.

Even with this victory, this bill has a long way to go before it becomes law. Next week, HB 2238 will be heard in the Senate Education Committee. And even if it passes the Senate, there’s a chance Governor McAuliffe could veto the bill.

Our best chance for this bill to become law is to take it one step at a time and take nothing for granted. Its critical that you call your senator today and ask him to support HB 2238 next week.

With your help, we can make educational choice become a reality in Virginia!