Senator Ted Cruz’s Post-Filibuster Call to Action!

In a follow-up conference call earlier today, Senator Ted Cruz reminded bloggers and reporters that the fight to defund Obamacare has always been a multistage process. Stage one began in July and August, energizing and mobilizing the grassroots conservative base. Stage two happened when the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the continuing resolution funding the government but defunding Obamacare. Stage three requires uniting senate Republicans before beginning to pick off red state Democrats.

Senator Cruz reminded everyone that there are seven states that Mitt Romney won which are represented by Democrat senators, six of which Barack Obama failed to win 42% of the vote. A Democrat senator from one such state, West Virginia, just announced his support for a delay in the implementation of the individual mandate.

Senator Cruz suggested that there has been “material progress” focusing the nation’s attention on the nightmare that is Obamacare. He suggested that an unfortunate aspect of the political coverage is that those who want to continue to fund Obamacare are distracting people by focusing their attention on the political personalities. Senator Cruz believes that the success of his filibuster was to remind people of the substantive issues surrounding Obamacare, such as how many people across the country are losing their jobs or having full-time hours reduced to part-time, and how many people are losing health insurance coverage or having their premiums skyrocket.

Senator Cruz reminded people that the vote to defund Obamacare is a “show vote.” The substantive vote will be the vote for cloture on Friday concerning whether to allow Harry Reid the opportunity to strip the defunding language out of the continuing resolution. While Senator Cruz acknowledged that senators are entitled to disagree as to the better tactical approach to defunding Obamacare, he admonished those senators to be honest with their constituents and admit that their tactical disagreement includes allowing Harry Reid to fully fund Obamacare.

Senator Cruz suggested that GOP got clobbered in three of the last four federal election cycles, 2006, 2008 and 2012, primarily because the conservative base of the party was not energized. He suggested that the success of the 2010 election cycle was due in large part to the energy of grassroots, fighting against the recent passage of Obamacare.

Senator Cruz concluded by reminding activists that if DC politicians listen to their constituents, we can win the Obamacare fight!

Activists should continue to call their Congressmen and Senators, 202-224-3121, convince their friends to join the nearly two million Americans who have signed the national petition to defund Obamacare,, and tweet their thoughts using the hashtag #MakeDCListen.

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