Sign the Petition: No Lame Duck!

Rumors are swirling in Washington, D.C. about a potential “Lame Duck” session that could be held right after the November elections and before the new Congress is sworn-in. If liberals are thrown out of power in Congress this election cycle, the pressure will be that much greater and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will pull out all the stops as a last gasp to enact their socialist agenda. Specifically, the far left will be doing whatever they can to:

1. Pass the Cap and Trade Energy Tax Hike!
2. Slap American Taxpayers with another “Stimulus” Bailout Scheme!
3. Pile on More Tax Hikes to Fund their Socialist Agenda!
4. Pass Card Check and take secret ballots away from workers!

Sign our petition and “sound off” to Congress — tell them to respect the will of the people as expressed through this fall’s election results.

In a lame duck session, some lawmakers may be tempted to believe there will be no consequences for their actions and those, who a month before may have thought twice about voting for a job killer like cap and trade, suddenly may not feel like they are accountable to voters. We need to show them how wrong they are – and that the American people remain vigilant and will not forget the next election (just two short years away!).

Card check and the VAT, just to name two, are enormously unpopular ideas that wouldn’t pass under any other circumstances. To simply ignore what a majority of the American populace wants to such a profound degree is treading on dangerous ground.

and sign the petition: No Lame Duck!

Once you’ve signed the petition, please check out the next action items you can take under “Boots on the Ground.” Next week’s July 4 Congressional Recess is a good opportunity to get the message to your legislators while they are back home in their districts. Letters to the editor, hosting a town hall meeting, and distributing the No Lame Duck petition at events are important ways to help us stop this lame duck strategy. The rest of the site is full of good resources that will help you take on this threat. You can find information and talking points about the ever-growing lame duck agenda and the latest news on where all this is going.

We’ve worked too hard over the past months to just let Pelosi and Reid steamroll over the American people. Take Action today.

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