Margaret Iuculano

Executive Vice President

Margaret Iuculano is the Executive Vice President at FreedomWorks.
She brings a passion for building sustainable development teams that will last through the generations that is backed by extensive experience working as a Development Consultant for several “free market” based organizations, political candidates and PAC’s. She has created growth plans responsible for raising hundreds of millions for organizations she has represented. Margaret is responsible for creating long-term strategic growth plans for FreedomWorks that will allow the mission to catapult forward.

Margaret attended Liberty University’s Theology Program. She has held several executive positions in the private sector prior to becoming the CEO of a tech company which she sold in 2008. She then founded her own non-profit creating advocacy around foster children throughout the country before finding herself as a candidate running for County Commission in one of the largest counties in Florida. Running as a candidate taught her the incredible need of community activists support in order to win a race. She has a passion for supporting candidates with fundraising counsel and grass roots support.

In her spare time, she teaches Women’s Leadership strategies for Freedom in Christ Ministries and is an avid runner learning to play golf. She enjoys spending time with her husband Anthony, their children and Isabella the pug who travels with Margaret on her journey meeting with supporters for FreedomWorks.