Victor Nieves

Senior Development Associate

Victor serves as a Senior Develeopment Assiociate at FreedomWorks, where he has a rich history of nurturing relationships with both donors and grassroots activists across the nation. In his previous role as a Grassroots Coordinator, he played an instrumental part in championing the principles of limited government, reduced taxes, and economic freedom.

As a first-generation immigrant, Victor is dedicated to securing a prosperous and sustainable future for upcoming generations of Americans.

In his leisure time, Victor enjoys listening to music, especially as a proud Swifty and John Mayer stan. He also supports his favorite football team, North London Arsenal, and is fond of hiking, playing soccer, and cooking. Victor often returns to his birthplace in Central Mexico, specifically the State of San Luis Potosi, to savor the region’s rich cuisine and culture. When not in Mexico, Victor can be found in San Antonio, TX, his second home, where he roots for the San Antonio Spurs and indulges in breakfast tacos. He currently resides in Washington DC.