Support Grows for Sen. Paul’s Audit the Fed bill

Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign to get a vote to audit the Federal Reserve as a condition for considering the nomination of Janet Yellen for Federal Reserve chair is gaining support from one Congressman. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) has written a letter in support of Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act, S. 209. 

The Federal Reserve currently operates without any oversight by Congress, leaving it totally unaccountable to the American people. Senator Paul’s bill provides the first necessary step to reining in the Federal Reserve and bringing control of the economy back under the jurisdiction of the American people instead of the bureaucrats in Washington. 

This bill has already passed the House in a 327 to 98 vote during the last Congress, but Harry Reid has refused to bring it to the floor of the Senate for a vote (despite the fact that he has repeatedly declared his support for auditing the Fed). FreedomWorks urges all Members of the House to sign Rep. Bentivolio’s letter, letting the Senate know that the American people will not stand for another political appointee to chair the Federal Reserve while Congress is not allowed to see what the Fed is doing with America’s money. 

You can find more information on Sen. Paul’s efforts, along with which Senators have co-sponsored his bill here

Attached below is the letter from Rep. Bentivolio’s office: