House to Vote on Fourth Amendment Today; Outcome in Doubt

The House is expected to vote today on the Fourth Amendment. The outcome is in doubt. How far we’ve drifted from the letter of the Constitution and the spirit of liberty!

The White House, the National Security Agency, and the entire Beltway establishment (including, disappointingly, the Heritage Foundation) are all opposing Rep. Justin Amash’s amendment to require that the NSA get a constitutionally valid warrant before collecting the private phone records of a U.S. citizen. NSA has been collecting massive amounts of private data on U.S. citizens; it has done so using overly broad “warrants” issued by a secret court under secret legal interpretations that, it turns out, don’t square with the Fourth Amendment.

FreedomWorks members’ made hundreds of calls to Speaker Boehner demanding the Amash amendment receive a vote. We succeeded. Now citizens across the country are weighing in with their representatives, urging them to vote yes on the amendment.

We need your help. Help us beat the Beltway establishment and vindicate the Fourth Amendment. Together, we can restore checks on intrusive, lawless government.

Tell Congress: The Bill of Rights is not negotiable.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Congressman to support the Amash amendment TODAY!