Swamp Takes — Real Priorities Vs Woke Delusions

It’s good to be back! Due to an overload of SwampTakes during our prolonged detachment from reality, I felt it best to let people figure the whole freedom thing out for themselves.

But now that the covid chickens are coming home to roost in droves, SwampTakes is back with a much-needed reality check that only the willfully ignorant (or the 46th President of the United States) could ignore.

To prove my point, The “free” so-called “stimulus” money has long been eaten-up by inflation, 401k’s are down 25 percent. Crime in America is surging. The murder rate is up 30 percent and nearly 70 percent of Americans don’t feel as safe as they did two years ago.

When asked about this, Biden administration Press Secretary Jean-Pierre cannot answer the simple question:

If lower crime and a healthy economy are not priorities of the Biden administration, then what are?

Is their priority to have “important conversations” about whether the Atlanta Braves should change their name? Between this and last year’s All-Star Game debacle, Democrats just really have it out for baseball in the Peach State. 

But back to Brandon’s priorities, why are they so concerned about telling our military service members that they are not allowed to use the terms “mom” and “dad”?

Or how about pledging to give away $11 billion (per year) of hard-earned American dollars to poor foreigners so they can try and “solve” the weather?

It is clear to the sane among us that none of these forced changes will do anything to alleviate the pain that the American People are feeling. The best scenario for Americans is for Republicans to follow Rep. Chip Roy’s (R-TX) lead in the House and Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) lead in the Senate and pledge to stand against any massive pork-filled omnibus spending bill or CR into a lame duck session. Unfortunately in the midst of record inflation and economic recession, only 42 Republicans have the backbone to pledge to oppose funding Biden’s radical agenda.