SwampTakes – Cringe Karine, Kooky Krugman, & Impeaching Mayorkas

Hello, and welcome back to SwampTakes. After a very omnibus winter break, the left has been ringing in 2023 with a flurry of freezing cold takes. But despite two years of countless blunders, the White House is “celebrating” two years of living in Biden’s America. Is this a joke? Narrator (in Biden voice): “Not a joke!”

Seriously? The White House is taking a victory lap despite December’s CPI numbers showing that real wages have been negative for the majority of Biden’s presidency. The administration even claims that inflation is “falling,” but this statement completely ignores the still MASSIVE year-over-year inflation and the fact that food, energy, transportation, and shelter prices continue to rise.

Liberal economist Paul “inflation is transitory” Krugman recently put this inflation propaganda on full display while attempting to carry water for the Biden administration:

The truth IS striking. Krugman admits that the Biden administration and the Democrat Party is trying to fool the American People by omitting life’s necessities like energy, food, and shelter when calculating their “falling” inflation. We know that hard-working Americans certainly deserve better, but, unfortunately, denying reality appears to be at the “supercore” of how the political left thinks.

While we’re on the topic of skirting the truth, let’s take a look at this MAJOR whopper DHS Secretary Mayorkas recently told at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting:

Fact check! The reality is that there has been a record 4.2 million illegal border crossings with 1-2 million illegal aliens released into American communities under the Biden administration’s “encounter and release” policies that ignore our laws and put Americans and migrants in danger. These policies have caused hundreds of thousands to arrive at our southern border each month.

At the same time, ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris visited Arizona to tell their border communities that it’s actually Congress who is to blame for the Biden border crisis even while administration refuses to enforce and secure the border. Thankfully, Rep. Chip Roy has introduced legislation that would require the agency to do its job, rather than abuse our asylum laws. H.R. 29, The Border Safety and Security Act, solves this problem by requiring the DHS to detain or turn away migrants.

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