TABOR has support of voters in Maine

Voters Continue To Support TABOR
NEWS CENTER’S Voice Of the Voter exclusive survey shows voters solidly support the Taxpayer Bill Of Rights. But it’s a different story for local organizations and municipalities that rely on public funding.
The poll asked, “If you were standing in the voting booth right now, would you vote yes or no on the taxpayer bill of rights?” 70% said they’d vote yes, while 26% said they’d vote no.But there are more than 70 organizations that have come out against the referendum, which is known commonly as TABOR.The Portland City Council is poised to pass a resolution opposing TABOR. Mayor Jim Cohen and six other councilors have sponsored the resolution. Cohen said TABOR would take the state backwards and not allow Maine to reach its economic, education and public safety goals.”What we need is something we can live within that’s sensible and moves us in the right direction for investment in business and investment in education, not one that’s volatile and changes year over year, and has us cutting a fire station in one year and restoring it in the next year,” he said “It just doesn’t work that way.”In May, the Gray Town Council passed a resolution that supports TABOR. Council Chair Gary Foster said it’s the perfect way to control state spending since the power is in the people’s hands.”One (thing) I think most councilors liked about it was that in order to exceed the growth allowed under TABOR you need the voters’ permission,” he said.

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