TABOR Study Committee formed in Georgia.

This past Monday(March 13), S.R. 1091 was introduced in the Georgia State Senate. S.R. 1091 would study the feasibility of TABOR (Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights) style spending and taxation limits for Georgia. The Legislature must pass any such legislation as Georgia does not have a ballot initiative provision like some other states.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution briefly mentioned the press conference announcing S.R. 1091 in Tuesday’s online edition. Jim Galloway of the Journal-Constitution writes:

So there we were yesterday, in a small press conference called by four Republican state senators and Herman Cain. Cain is the pizza guy, author, radio talk show host and former GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate. The four senators were Mitch Seabaugh of Sharpsburg, Chip Pearson of Dawsonville, Chip Rogers of Woodstock, and Casey Cagle of Gainesville. (Seeing Cain and Cagle, a candidate for lieutenant governor, in the same room was interesting, but beside the point for today’s discussion.)

The topic was a Senate resolution to create a study committee to look at capping the growth of state government in Georgia by gearing it to population increase and inflation. Results must be produced by Dec. 1, 2006. After the November election. The legislation in question is S.R. 1091.

Here’s the point: A huge federal deficit and the rise of “big government conservatism” in Washington, all under the GOP banner, has frightened some Republicans and angered others. Seabaugh & Co. said they’re not trying to make any statement, or send any message to Washington. But when pressed, they said they aren’t happy with the situation. “I am disgusted,” Cain said.

The political landscape in Georgia is ripe for TABOR. Both candidates for Lt. Governor (Ralph Reed and the aforementioned Casey Cagle) have expressed support for TABOR. The State House has a similar Study Committee chaired by State Rep. Donna Sheldon.

The prospects for TABOR being a significant issue in this year’s elections in Georgia is very good.