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Amazon's Genius Mocks the Fed and Its 2% Inflation Target

Amazon’s purchase of high-end grocery retailer Whole Foods was approved last week. That the federal government had any role at all in the combination of two private companies is on its own an offense to common sense. Government barriers erected to mergers trample on property rights, restrain economic progress for crucial information about the good or bad of tie-ups needlessly reaching markets late, plus readers must consider the unseen: the economic activity not taking place thanks to the forced duplication of effort that is an effect of antitrust.

"Is Amazon Cheating on the Internet Sales Tax?"
"There's nothing wrong with keeping Amazon tax-free, but the online retailer wants to use taxes to stifle competition."

Amazon Is Not "Cheating" on the Internet Sales Tax

The National Bureau of Economic Research recently published the shocking finding that raising taxes on a service causes people to use less of that service. Despite this having been common knowledge to economists and non-economists alike for literally hundreds of years, much is being made of the study, which focuses on how the internet sales tax affects consumers’ use of