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Press Release

Don’t Blame Automation for Job Losses, Bad Economic Policies Are the Problem

Following the release of the Economic Report of the President, which includes a section on the rise of automation and the risks to low-wage jobs, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore commented:


Here's how McDonald's is responding to Big Labor's push for a $15 minimum wage

For the last two years, labor unions have a led a campaign known as "Fight for 15" to pressure the fast food and retail industries to raise the minimum hourly wage to $15. Big Labor has a particular interest in legislative efforts to raise the minimum wage, given that many union contracts are indexed to it. In a February 2013 research brief, the Center for Union Facts noted that collective bargaining agreements often "either set baseline wages as a percentage of the state or federal minimum wage, or mandate a flat wage premium above the minimum wage."