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"No Jobs, No School, and No Winning"

No Jobs, No School, and No Winning | #SwampTakes

Hello! And welcome to the inaugural post for #SwampTakes!


Biden’s Climate Agenda at a Glance

Barring any unexpected changes or legitimate legal challenges, it appears that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. Since this appears to be the inevitable outcome, it is paramount that we turn our attention to those issues most salient to a Biden administration. Chief among these is the issue of climate change and clean energy.


The Climate Crisis that Wasn't: Scientists Agree there is "No Cause for Alarm"

America, as well as many other places throughout the world, has witnessed mass protests, claiming catastrophic disasters if fossil fuels are not eliminated. However, only a very small percentage of protesters know the methods and science upon which they are protesting. This is dangerous to our society.