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Op-ed Placement

For True Conservatives, Small Government and Endless Wars Are Incompatible

Conservatives tend to have a pretty clearly-defined set of beliefs. While there’s certainly some variation depending on the person, most people who would self-describe as a conservative subscribe to a few basic principles. These are the need for fiscal restraint, a strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution and limited government. These three principles undergird the conservative movement for which many of us have dedicated endless time and energy.


FreedomWorks Activists Concerned About National Debt and COVID-19 Spending

The COVID-19 crisis has held the United States in a public health and economic headlock since the start of quarantine periods about two months ago. Each week shows increased job loss, victims of the virus, and emotional health problems. FreedomWorks activists are, sadly, not immune to the devastation inflicted by Coronavirus.

Radio Hit

Daniel Savickas on The C.L. Bryant Show

BY Daniel Savickas

Listen to Daniel Savickas, FreedomWorks Federal Affairs Manager discuss the 116th Congress, socialism and messaging on The C.L. Bryant Show.