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As FreedomWorks Acts to Protect Donor Privacy, Leftist Groups Publish Home Addresses of Trump Donors

FreedomWorks Foundation is urging the IRS to protect donor privacy from threats and physical intimidation. Don’t let leftist mobs prevent you from donating to the causes that matter to you and your family. Make your voice heard HERE.

Press Release

FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Proposed Treasury Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In response to the Treasury Department and IRS’ proposed rule that would excuse tax-exempt political groups from automatically reporting their major donors to the agency, a move that would further protect donor privacy and Americans’ First Amendment rights, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

Op-ed Placement

Joaquin Castro's Trump Donor Tweet Was Blatant Intimidation

BY Adam Brandon

Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro, tweeted a target list of individuals and businesses in San Antonio who have donated to President Trump. This was not a list of public figures or high-profile mega-donors. It was a collection of private citizens who had donated only $2,800, including 11 retirees and a homemaker.