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Press Release

FreedomWorks Foundation Releases Issue Brief -- Wage Subsidies: A Multi-Trillion Dollar Market Distortion That America Cannot Afford

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, FreedomWorks Foundation’s Steve Moore and Jason Pye published a new issue brief, Wage Subsidies: A Multi-Trillion Dollar Market Distortion That America Cannot Afford, outlining the many glaring issues that government wage subsidy proposals would present to our country’s recovery from COVID-19.


Conservatism is Lost Without the Free Market

The left-wing of American politics is an angry place. We see stories of them practically burning down college campuses to shut down speakers who dare question their orthodoxy. They constantly decry the ever-creeping threat of fascism or the end of American democracy if they don’t win power. Looking at the landscape of American politics it is truly baffling to try and understand why the left is this way.

Issue Analysis

By Any Other Name: Price Controls are Price Controls

Many conservatives and right-of-center political analysts are rightly upset about Health and Human Service Secretary Alex Azar’s proposal to tie drug prices in the United States to those in foreign nations. Such a proposal would make our healthcare system dependent on the whims of nations that subscribe to command and control economic models. There is also the stark reality that imposing price controls does not fix any underlying issues that caused prices to be high in the first place.