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Freedom Art: Melissa A. Torres

Though Melissa is relatively new to Liberatchik, she has been an enthusiastic participant in our efforts to #TakeBackOurCulture. She joined our movement because she feels it is important for people to realize that all artists, while it seems to be the norm, are not Liberal. She believes, as we do, that it is important to promote the many artists who are Conservative or Libertarian. Melissa feels, as many of us at Liberatchik often do, that we are outnumbered in the art community. She understands our feelings of exclusion and the difficulty of becoming successful because of closed-mindedness in the vast majority of artists who are Liberal. Because many of them believe there is no place for pro-American or individualist themes in the arts, Melissa feels that we must show them that it is not the case. There surely is an audience for Patriotic art; we just need the same opportunities to display it in public venues.