NFL says no to promoting Obamacare

With the Obamacare “train wreck” impending, the Obama Administration has sought allies in professional sports, specifically focusing on the NFL to advertise Obamacare.

The Invisible Hand of the NSA

Tapping the News – Civil Liberties – July 1, 2013 The NSA “ShellTrumpet” program collected half a trillion meta-data records in 2012 alone According to the Guardian, the NSA’s collecting…

The FBI Begins Domestic Drone Surveillance

Tapping the New -- Civil Liberties -- June 27 The FBI Uses Drones for Surveillance on U.S. SoilThis is just the beginning of domestic drone use by US enforcement agencies"FBI director…

Why Hispanics Are Obamacare’s Top Target

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the Obama administration has hit the Spanish airwaves Wednesday morning in hopes of getting Latinos to apply for Obamacare en masse. The article went on…

New Defenses of the IRS Are Absurd

Update: The IRS' auditor has explicitly confirmed that - as is argued below - conservative, and not progressive, groups were targeted.