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Op-ed Placement

Restoring Notre Dame

BY Adam Brandon

Tragedy has befallen Notre Dame de Paris this week, but we can be confident that the 13th-century Gothic Cathedral will rise again from the ashes. The French government estimates that it will cost $505 million to rebuild the interior and roof. Wealthy Europeans such as Francois Henri Pinault, owner of Gucci and Saint Laurent, and Bernard Arnault, owner of Louis Vuitton’s parent company, among others have pledged close to $1 billion combined as of Tuesday. The Walt Disney Co. has even promised to donate $5 million toward the cathedral’s restoration as well.

Op-ed Placement

The Biggest College Scandal of All

BY Stephen Moore

The seething anger Americans feel over the college admission scandal with wealthy and well-connected families using money, influence and cheating to bump their kids up in line so they get accepted into elite schools is well justified. Yet this scheme is small potatoes compared to the real scandal on college campuses from coast to coast. That scam is how much universities are charging families once they do get in.