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Op-ed Placement

India, and the Unsung Cruelty of Life Without Massive Inequality

According to the New York Times, 564 million Indian citizens don’t have toilets, indoor or outdoor. You read that right. Roughly half of India’s population goes without what Americans of all economic stripes take for granted, and that is standard (indoors) in any American apartment or house.


America, The Land of Opportunity….Costs

Americans are suckers for a clever slogan, whether it is Burger King’s “Have it your way” or Walmart’s “Save Money, Live Better.” Americans for generations have bought into these slogans. Even America herself has a slogan advertising, at home and around the world, “The American Dream, the land of opportunity.” Most people are aware of America’s slogan; and many were raised by generations that heartily agreed with its promise. However, as we stand as a nation in 2014, the brand is in question.