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Liquor Stores Are Essential, But Not For The Reasons You Think

While many states like New York and Texas have been hard at work attempting to aid restaurants and other small businesses by taking such deregulatory measures as allowing the delivery of alcohol, Pennsylvania has decided to go in the opposite direction. Instead of expanding operations of liquor stores, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) -- the three-member panel with total control over Pennsylvania’s state-controlled liquor industry -- has closed all the liquor stores in Pennsylvania.

Press Release

FreedomWorks Cheers Pennsylvania General Assembly’s Passage of the Clean Slate Act

WASHINGTON, DC - FreedomWorks cheers the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s passage of the Clean Slate Act, in the House in April by a vote of 188-2 and in the Senate this afternoon by a vote of 49-0. Governor Wolf has previously stated that he will sign the bill into law, representing a significant step in the right direction for criminal justice reform for the state.