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Op-ed Placement

The Crisis Of Personal Responsibility

As the COVID-19 pandemic nears its end, it’s clear the economy should be returning to normal. But this Friday’s jobs report shows that the U.S. economy is still not on the swiftest road to recovery. With the unemployment rate dipping in dozens of states, the financial situation of millions of Americans is improving. But despite the best efforts of businesses around the nation, many of them are struggling to get their employees back.

Blog Hit

Lesli Brower on Father’s Day: ‘My father chose to walk away’

Father’s Day came and went and I avoided Facebook for most of the day like the plague for fear of having to read the stories about everyone’s wonderful, loving, “heroic” dad.

Blog Member Chris Lynch Talks Personal Responsibility on The Willis Report

Chris Lynch, author of “Within Your Reach: A Journey through Diabetes,” and member, appeared on The Willis Report with host Gerri Willis to discuss finances and personal responsibility on the Fox Business Network.