Take Action: Help Me Stop Indoctrination In the Classroom

In the past month or so since my blogpost here at FreedomWorks was published, I have experienced the best and worst people, amazing opportunities and the negatives of trying to get a powerful message across about our biased school system.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve been on Megyn Kelly’s show America Live among many other TV and radio interviews and I’ve been called an f****** psychopath, a freak and a bag of s*** by a parent via a phone call, and more. As expected, students have been frequently gossiping at school and I have been attacked numerous times on social media. I have shown that public and private school bias, indoctrination and discrimination is a big problem in America, and if we don’t do something about it, it’s not going to stop.

Hundreds of parents, students and teachers reached out or commented on posts saying that the exact same thing has happened to them. A student from Northeastern Ohio commented on my original article and said:

“my teachers always talked badly about our governor and Mitt Romney.” A former student from Pennsylvania also commented saying: “I attended college while serving my country in uniform and while raising/supporting a family. I was frequently criticized for my conservative beliefs and my unwavering faith in America and its values.” 

Not only did students from out of state comment, but students and even teachers from my same school district commented as well. A fellow student in my school district messaged me on Facebook and told me:

“In eighth grade I had a teacher who harassed me during the week that followed Scott Walker’s recall results…she knew that my friends and I and our mothers were strongly conservative. She lashed out at me and called me spoiled, materialistic, and blamed me for numerous things I was not even closely involved in. She said that I was lazy and not hardworking even though I worked very hard in school, and she had no idea of my family dynamics.”

A brave teacher from the same public school I attend also posted on my Facebook:

“This type of insidious disregard and lack of tolerance for others’ political views does not just extend to students.  As a teacher, I too have faced hostility for my conservatism.” 

It seems like every week there is a new story about a professor or teacher bringing biased politics into the classroom. Whether it’s occuring more frequently, or it’s just being reported more now, it’s hard to say. 

According to my school district, an investigation is currently taking place. They are examining the allegations and will be taking action once the investigation is done. Via the Freedom of Information Act, my family and I, as well as Jerry Bader (Wisconsin radio host), have asked for an Open Records request. This was requested over a month ago and as of this article being posted today, we have not received those records. 

As the next few weeks and months roll by, more updates will come and decisions will be made from my experiences, but I need your help. I cannot win this fight alone. The more we value our great educators and stand up to those who are biased, the better off we are as a nation. Getting The Balanced Classroom Act passed in your area is extremely important. Students should not be singled out because of their political views or be indoctrinated by teachers or administrators. Reporting incidents to the school or school board is extremely important. Talking to your friends and teachers about this is extremely important. Having a balanced, unbiased classroom where students are allowed to think freely and express themselves is one of the most important things we need as a nation. We need to not only teach students to think for themselves, we need to empower them to share their own beliefs without fear of retrobution.  I am proud to lead this fight to getting fair discussions back into our classrooms. Will you help?