Tell Congress: Support Disapproval Resolutions to Halt Devastating EPA Regulations

As one of our more than 6.9 million FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your congressman and senators today and ask them to support the resolutions disapproving of the EPA’s new power plant regulations, H.J.Res. 71 & 72, and S.J.Res. 23 & 24, and to co-sponsor the resolutions if they have not already done so.

The EPA rules in question would impose draconian changes on the U.S. energy sector. In addition to enforcing regulatory cap-and-trade requirements and renewable energy mandates on existing power plants, these rules would also set unreasonable CO2 standards for new coal-fired power plants; standards which even existing plants wouldn’t be able to comply with. As a result, these regulations would essentially act as a ban on the construction of new coal-fired plants, because there would be no commercial or economic viability in building them.

The economic impacts of these new EPA regulations would be extremely destructive. In addition to causing massive increases in energy prices, the EPA has estimated a cost to the American economy of $8.4 billion. An analysis by the American Action Forum concluded that the rules will cost as many as 125,800 jobs across the nation. At a time when Congress should be focused on restoring robust economic growth, these regulations move in exactly the wrong direction.

The resolutions of disapproval, sponsored by Rep. Ed Whitfield in the House and Sens. Mitch McConnell and Shelley Moore Capito in the Senate, would block the executive actions of the president and the EPA with a simple majority of votes. One set of resolutions address rules for existing plants, while the other addresses regulations on future plants. This would send a valuable message to the president’s desk on behalf of American states, industries, and businesses affected by the new rules. I hope you’ll contact your congressman and senators and urge them to support and co-sponsor the resolutions disapproving of the EPA’s new power plant regulations, H.J.Res. 71 & 72, and S.J.Res. 23 & 24.


Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks