Tell Your Representative: Support Rep. Gosar’s Resolution to Impeach EPA Director Gina McCarthy

As one of our more than 6.9 million FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your representative today and ask him or her to support Representative Paul Gosar’s resolution, H. Res. 417 to impeach EPA Director Gina McCarthy for multiple instances of making false and misleading statements before Congress.

Under Director McCarthy, the EPA has brought forth some of the most wide-ranging, economically devastating regulations in its history, including the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. Congressman Gosar has documented how, in testimony before Congress about the WOTUS rule, Director McCarthy made several outright false statements about the scope of the rule, its scientific basis, and its legal footing.

Among the most blatantly false statements that McCarthy made about the WOTUS rule was that it was “not expanding jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act,” which indeed the EPA would have no authority to do. Meanwhile, the EPA’s own website was bragging about the massive increase in the amount of federal land that would be subject to federal regulation thanks to the new rule.

Any individual who knowingly lies during sworn testimony has committed perjury, but that crime is especially troubling when the lie is being told to soften the blow of a regulation that would affect the freedom and economic security of thousands of Americans. Thus I hope you’ll contact your representative and urge him or her to support and co-sponsor H.Res. 417 to bring Gina McCarthy to task for violating the trust of the American people.


Adam Brandon
CEO, FreedomWorks