Tennessee Activists Gathering

On Tuesday, September 22, Allen Page and I were pleased to join the Tennessee Tea Party for their monthly meeting. The meeting was held at 6:30 at the Legion of Foreign Wars Hall in Mountain City, TN. Chairman Ray Comeaux called the meeting to order and discussed current business. Allen hosted a FreedomWorks information table. Group member, Kevin Leukhardt introduced me to the group. We had a wonderful discussion about FreedomWorks: who we are, what we do, and how we believe that "Government goes to those who show up"!

Members were especially interested in our support of Congressman Mark Meadow’s petition to "Fire John Boehner", our support for school choice, and our opposition to ObamaCare and Common Core. Our justice reform work was of interest, especially Civil Asset Forfeiture. I invited member to visit the FreedomWorks website to learn all about this important issue. The Tennessee Tea Party has requested that I be one of the regular speakers, which I look forward to! It is always so great to make new friends who believe in "Lower Taxes, Less Government, and More Individual Freedom"!