Texas Democrats Run Away From Voters and Towards the Swamp

The Big Picture

Instead of showing up for work, Texas Democrats are taking a vacation in the swamp. While shirking their responsibilities to the voters that put them in office and pay their salaries, these Democrats are taking a self-indulgent stand against protecting election integrity.

Earlier this year, Texas Democrats walked out of the State Capitol to deny a quorum and prevent a vote on election integrity legislation. In response, Gov. Greg Abbott called a special session of the state legislature, with a clear agenda that ranges from stopping the spread of Critical Race Theory to protecting the integrity of Texans’ votes.

Unsurprisingly, Texas Democrats again abandoned their voters for a trip to Washington D.C. to delay the passage of SB 1 and put a halt to the special session. Introduced by Senator Bryan Hughes, SB 1 is a comprehensive election integrity bill that protects both the security and transparency of the electoral process.

The contempt that these left-wing politicians show to their voters and the electoral process is startling.

The Details

What is a quorum, and how does it work?

  • A quorum is the minimum number of members that must be present for the legislature to conduct business.
  • In Texas, at least two-thirds of the chamber must be present to pass any bill. That means at least 100 out of the 150 members of the House must be present, and 21 of the 31 Senators must be present to pass any bill.
  • Since at least 51 of the 67 Texas House Democrats are absent, the chamber cannot pass any legislation.

How will SB 1 better secure Texas elections? SB 1…

  • Cracks down on practices most vulnerable to voter fraud by banning 24-hour polling locations, drive-thru voting, drop boxes, and unsolicited mail-in ballot applications.
  • Increases transparency throughout the electoral process with protections for lawful observers.
  • Creates accountability by increasing criminal penalties for election officials who interfere with the election process.

What recourse do Texas Republicans have?

  • On July 13th, Texas House Republicans passed “the call of the House,” a procedural move that allows state law enforcement to track down lawmakers who have fled the chamber but remain in the state.
  • Upon their return to Texas, Gov. Abbott has threatened to have the legislators arrested and cabined inside the Texas Capitol to conduct legislative business.
  • Gov. Abbott can continue to call special sessions to pursue election integrity.

Why It Matters

Election integrity remains a priority for state legislatures across the country. Unfortunately, despite the overwhelming support for measures such as voter ID, Democrats continue to refuse common-sense election reform. The political stunt pulled by Texas Democrats undermines the will of Texans, as well as the sanctity of their vote.

Texas Democrats are not alone in their willingness to stymie legislation that protects election integrity and the right to vote. Politicians in Washington are actively trying to undermine state legislatures and fundamentally transform the electoral process.

Currently, Democrats in Washington are relentlessly pursuing a federal takeover of our elections. H.R. 1, “The Corrupt Politicians Act,” is an unprecedented expansion of federal authority in American elections. This disastrous bill would make elections less secure, send millions of dollars in welfare to politicians, and trample the First Amendment. Thankfully, the Senate’s 60-vote threshold of the legislative filibuster keeps “The Corrupt Politicians Act” at bay for the time being.

Despite the Democrat’s convenient newfound appreciation for the rights of the legislative minority, left-wing radicals are still calling for the abolition of the filibuster. Not only would this move breathe life into “The Corrupt Politicians Act,” but it would also aid in the passage of H.R. 4, The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

H.R. 4 would create a pre-clearance requirement for state election laws, effectively granting President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) veto power over any change in election law. Under Attorney General Merrick Garland, the DOJ has already put its animus for election security on full display with a lawsuit against Georgia’s election integrity reforms.

While Democrats claim to be “protecting democracy,” their actions tell a far different story. In Washington, Democrats are looking to consolidate power and undermine the authority of duly elected state legislatures–while in Austin, Texas, Democrats pack their bags and run to the swamp rather than represent their constituents.